Dear colleagues,

After three successful symposia on translational research and controversial clinical issues in carotid and aortic diseases it is a great pleasure to invite you to the 3rd Munich Aortic & Carotid Conference (MAC) 2013. The positive response to the 2012 meeting encouraged us to again focus on aortic and carotid issues in a joint meeting.

The topics of the 3rd Munich Aortic & Carotid Conference (MAC) 2013 will again range widely from basic science and simulation to clinical issues and patient care. In detail, sessions will feature all biological aspects of plaque vulnerability of the carotid bifuraction, wall instability in aortic aneurysms, the current status of finite-element-simulation (FEM) and endovascular navigation, and of course an update on clinical trials in open aortic surgery and endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) with or without fenestrated and/or branched grafts, carotid surgery (CEA) and carotid stenting (CAS).

This year we will also focus on the positive and negative aspects of any form of centralization of vascular services (especially for aortic and cerebrovascular diseases). Last but not least, the theory and practice of the clinical and academic education of vascular specialists will be addressed in great detail.

The 3rd Munich Aortic & Carotid Conference (MAC) 2013 is a platform where clinical researches from vascular/cardiovascular surgery, neurology, cardiology, angiology, and anesthesiology can meet radiologists and imaging specialists, vascular biologists and basic researchers in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Thereby, MAC aims to connect the frequently quite diverging worlds of basic science, clinical research and clinical practice.

Do not miss the opportunity to share the latest insights into the world of academic vascular research, represented by our world-class national and international faculty! The 3rd Munich Aortic & Carotid Conference will provide you with late-breaking news and cutting-edge approaches in vascular medicine and will enable you to be part of the thrilling progress of improving the diagnosis and treatment of carotid and aortic diseases.

The 3rd Munich Aortic & Carotid Conference (MAC) 2013 is being held under the patronage of the German Vascular Society (DDG) and the VASCULAR INTERNATIONAL foundation.

We look forward to welcoming you in Munich

Hans-Henning Eckstein
Rüdiger Lange
Markus Schwaiger
Holger Poppert
Alma Zernecke
Claus Zimmer
Wolfgang Wall
Michael Gee