Submit by Sunday, October 10th, 2021

Submit your abstracts of original research for the opportunity to present to your colleagues worldwide. Research can be in the form of clinical studies, basic science investigations, or preclinical studies. Your abstracts must convey original research but can include portions of previous abstracts and/or manuscripts presented elsewhere. 


Accepted presenters will be notified at the end of October.



  • Aortic diseases
  • Peripheral vascular diseases
  • Supra-aortic disease
  • Venous diseases


Formal criteria and guidelines for submission of abstracts


Formal criteria for abstracts

  • Abstracts must be submitted in English.
  • The abstract text may contain a maximum of 3,000 characters (including spaces).
  • The submitters must use the template placed in the system. The following content structure must be observed: Background, Methods, Results, Conclusions.
  • A uniform formatting (no paragraphs and indentations) of the abstracts has top priority.
  • The abstract texts may not be submitted exclusively in majuscules (capital letters). This also applies to headings.
  • A maximum of 1 table and 2 illustrations or graphics are allowed per abstract. (100 words deduction per graphic)
  • Please note that your abstract will be published as submitted and no corrections can be made.


Guidelines for submission of abstracts

  • Submitted abstracts may be published at other congresses.
  • Abstracts that have already been submitted elsewhere may be resubmitted to the MAC with a scientific indication of the source.
  • Abstracts for marketing purposes or company presentations are not permitted. Scientific work or studies are not affected.
  • Industrial companies: Accepted posters/free presentations may only be presented by the scientifically responsible representative.
  • All submitted abstracts will be reviewed and evaluated. Authors who have submitted abstracts will be informed by e-mail until the end of October whether their contribution has been accepted.
  • With the submission the authors assume the responsibility for the correctness of the data. The responsibility for the clarification of possible copyrights of third parties regarding the contents of the abstract lies with the authors.
  • Conflict of Interest: For the submission of the abstract you need a list of possible conflicts of interest or a declaration of exclusion from all (co-)authors.