Greeting from chairman



Dear colleagues, dear friends of the MUNICH VASCULAR CONFERENCE (MAC),


after a lean period of pandemic-related restrictions we are delighted to invite you very cordially to the 10th MUNICH VASCULAR CONFERENCE (MAC) on 01–03 December, 2021.

The 10th MAC will continue to be a platform of mutual exchange between vascular clinicians from all vascular medical specialties and colleagues from translational and basic research. Both sides will benefit from each other. Clinicians have the opportunity to learn more about translational research and the evolution of cutting-edge technologies and translational researchers may get a better understanding for the needs of clinicians and their patients.

Since the 10th MAC is an anniversary meeting, we will reflect on the past 20 years, and will take a look at the future 10-20 years. Which clinical, technological and educational developments changed our vascular procedures over the last two decades and which kind of progress is to be expected within the next years? Besides many other main topics, we will of course address the issue to which extent the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the vascular prerequisites in Europe and worldwide.

The 10th MAC will be organized as a hybrid meeting including online streaming of all main sessions and an in-person meeting in Munich. Since vaccination is ongoing and many travel restrictions have been abolished, we are optimistic that we can meet face to face in December 2021. Our world-wide renown faculty will once again guarantee lively discussions between the faculty and the audience. Faculty members with longer travel distances will be remotely connected to present their online-lectures. Online streaming of all main sessions will provide worldwide access to the 10th MAC sessions.

We absolutely assure you, that all pandemic-related rules (vaccination certificates, distancing, face masks, hand disinfection etc.) will be followed strictly. We also hope, that vaccination has proceeded further towards the end of the year, and that further testing will guarantee a safe and joyful 10th MAC. We are of course prepared to change the agenda, if needed.

In 2019 we experienced a record participation of more than 600 attendees, who again highly appreciated the choice of topics, the outstanding quality of the presentations from the world's leading faculty and the ideal opportunity for discussions. Therefore, the 10th MAC will address aortic, carotid, and peripheral arterial diseases again, this year focused on individualized care. In addition to the latest advances in clinical and translational vascular research it will include the newest open and endovascular technologies, biological mechanisms of atherosclerosis and the latest imaging modalities.

Due to the ongoing progress in the treatment of venous diseases and the increasing clinical relevance of access surgery, the 10th MAC will host a Venous Symposium and for the first time additionally a Vascular Access Symposium on Wednesday, 01 December.

The 10th MAC will again arrange for workshops and “meet the expert” sessions, which are designated to personally meet opinion leaders and to be trained in open and endovascular techniques by very experienced colleagues.

The 10th MAC will be organized in close cooperation with KelCon GmbH, Berlin/Seligenstadt.

We very much look forward to welcoming you in Munich!

Prof. Hans-Henning Eckstein,
on behalf of the organizing committee of the MUNICH VASCULAR CONFERENCE (MAC).


Hans-Henning Eckstein

Head of the Department for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
Universitätsklinikum rechts der Isar,
Technical University of Munich, Germany